» Task automatisation for Hydro Quebec.
» Creation of an Intranet for Domtar.
» Creation of SQL tables for Tek-Lines.
» Creation of a Product Management Software for    Apinex.
» Development of an Intranet for Molson.
» Developing a software for the management of    sales commissions for Microcell Telecom.
» Development of a Web Site for Bienvenu    Consultant inc.
» Development and Technical Support for Bell    Sygma.
» Development and Technical Support for DTM.
» Development and Technical Support for GB Vitres    d'Autos. more»


~ Created ASP documents.
~ Programmed in VBScript from MS InterDev.
~ Created relational databases with MS Access and SQL Server.
~ Reinforced the security in Windows NT 2000 /SQL Server 2000.
~ Created forms for the management of the items displayed on the Web    site.
~ Managed client billing.
~ Supported the client by telephone and via internet.
~ Modified an employee management application and account information.
~ Created dynamic graphics with MS Excel graphic control.
~ Programmed a dll in Visual Basic, and to the export it on the MTS Server.
~ Tested and inscribed the results in Word.