» Task automatisation for Hydro Quebec.
» Creation of an Intranet for Domtar.
» Creation of SQL tables for Tek-Lines.
» Creation of a Product Management Software for    Apinex.
» Development of an Intranet for Molson.
» Developing a software for the management of    sales commissions for Microcell Telecom.
» Development of a Web Site for Bienvenu    Consultant inc.
» Development and Technical Support for Bell    Sygma.
» Development and Technical Support for DTM.
» Development and Technical Support for GB Vitres    d'Autos. more»


~ Created task atomization with Excel and Access.
~ Analyzed and validated salaries and annual bonus amounts.
~ Located duplicates within the database before entering in S.A.P.
~ Created a fixed format file to be able to read in BenPLus.
~ Tested and documented the programs.